Being alone is okay

As I wrap up my first semester of college I realized that being alone is okay. Having a room all to myself I have come at peace with this. I only have to worry about myself, my health, and my homework, it’s really nice.  I can dance around like a crazy person in front of my mirror. I can redecorate whenever I feel like it, I can change what posters I hang up and where.  I can leave for as long as I please without someone breathing down my neck of when I am coming back.

When I go on adventures by myself I don’t have to worry about the other person. I can eat as much as I please when I go out to eat by myself. I stay as long or as short as I please at each place. I can choose to share with people where I am or I don’t

Being alone overall has made me more comfortable with myself. Slowly  I am learning to love myself again, I laugh at all my funny snapchat pictures I send to my friends. I laugh when I think of something at a restaurant or in my room alone drinking tea. I smile at myself when I am done putting on my makeup for the day. I hype myself up before I leave my room for class or if I am going out to explore. It’s a good thing I think to love who you right now rather than judging who you were. With all of this said,  I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you soon.

This is going to be a new thing I will be doing on Sundays because I think that self-care is very important. 



One response to “Being alone is okay”

  1. Great post! This is something I also learned when I first started college.. I was alone more often, rather than always being surrounded by a group of friends like in high school, and I came to understand that it was ok!


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