Spring Cleaning

Even though it’s the dead of winter here in minnesota, I’m cleaning. I have three trash bags full of clothes now as we speak it’s been racked up to 5 and two backpacks. The person can’t drive me today but that’s okay. So lately I’ve been mentioning how I’m not right in the head in my past posts. That’s just me being honest, I can’t hide that there’s something wrong with me. It’s hard to admit this to even myself, but mentioning this to you guys helps. It makes me more aware of at least trying to change, even if it is small. In this case big, I have one closet full of clothes. One whole small dorm closet full of my wardrobe, this is huge for me. This also means get ready for repeats till I get rid of all those clothes, aka summer cleaning. With this less clothes I’ll be focusing on things I enjoy. Yes fashion is one of those things but I’ll take that slow. If I get something, I have to get rid of something else. Like I got rid of all these clothes, I now have more room for nice wigs or skin care. I don’t really know what I’m doing in all honesty but at least this is start. It started with spring cleaning and hopefully it’ll keep changing. In advance I apologize for the repeated clothing and shoes, I can only do so much in the winter. I think through this whole process I’ve come to realize that I don’t really need that much stuff. I just need time, which is the worst thing for me right now. At least I still have my books, tea, and you guys to help pass the time.



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