Minimalist chic?

These past few weeks I’ve gone through change, usually I would cut my hair but this time I couldn’t. I’ll be the head woman dancer at my schools powwow in March so here’s what happened. I was sitting on my bed overthinking, earlier in the month I “cleaned” out some clothes. I looked over at the pile of garbage bags filled with clothes, I looked around my room to see all the shit I collected while I was here. A book shelf filled to the brim, drawers filled with shirts I’ve never worn and too many tea mugs for myself. I just thought, “Why do I need this much stuff?” Then I realized I didn’t actually need this much shit in my life. It was always a hassle to clean so I started with all my clothes, I gave some of them to my friend who admires my style then I put them in a garbage bag. I also realized through this about how many things I actually need. I basically changed myself, I redecorated my room to be more open. it was a good feeling on the 8th of February to get rid of all this shit I acquired in my time here in the dorms. The next thing I have to go through is my jewelry, I went through my makeup on the 8th so I have limited but basic makeup.

Though I realized when I told people about my change, they simply dismissed the idea. Growing up privileged in more ways than I can count I realized that all this stuff is in the long run, meaningless. Sure having a lot of things is great but it’s a lot to take care of and handel. So when I told some people that I know that I ‘m actually doing this, one girl had asked me, “Why don’t you just sell the clothes that way you get money for it…”

“See I don’t really think there’s really any purpose in that, I already have money so to me there is no point in making money off of it-” I started with then the other person jumped in and said, “Yeah she’s rich, she’s just doing it because she’s a kind person, she can just buy new things anyway.” At the time that was said I saw that as my que to leave, then I knew how they both viewed me. They viewed me as some spoiled rich girl who can buy anything she pleases and buys what she wants. In my head I just felt sad because they never really saw me as their friend to being with. That same person would also comment on my money when we would occasionally go shopping together. I got used to those comments, until I went bad again, I didn’t talk to anyone when I was in that state.

So with this journey to minimalism I also realized who I can trust and who will be there for me. I also invested in a kindle so that way I can carry around more books and save space. I did the same with my notebooks, I kept most of my nice journals because I enjoy journaling. I also did the same with my sketchbooks, it’s a good feeling to know that I still have a few things I can count on. As well as all of that, I’m still trying to be chic. This doesn’t mean I’m buying new things every week but mixing up all my outfits. If I did the math it’s over fifty outfits, not including jewelry and makeup. I really enjoy this journey I’ve embarked on, I hope this helped you in some way.

With all of this said I hope the rest of your sunday is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!



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