Okay so who has this problem too? It’s ten to midnight and you just got back from being with friends, you just remember that forum for religion class. You quickly type on your computer as you count down the minutes.

Yeah same here, that was me last week lmao. Only it wasn’t with religion, it was with my creative writing. Thankfully I had something deep in the void of my google drive, so I made it. But this happens so much with my blog, on thursday for example when I got rid of most my clothes. I finally remembered to post it at like five in the afternoon. Also this past Saturday with #StunningSaturday I did the shoot the day of. I woke up at ten am and waited anxiously for the model to arrive. We did the shoot then I went straight into editing for a good hour. When I deemed it good I posted it, I did that with the first one too.

Long story short is I need to not and say I did when it comes to procrastination. The only thing that really works for me is putting in my calendar. I get those annoying beeps like five times a day. When to get ready for class, when to post on the main blog, when to post on my youtube channel, and when to post on my photography blog. I still feel like I’m procrastinating because I get in done eventually. I don’t know the point honestly, it was supposed to be inspiring but it just went a different way.

I hope this helped, I set schedules in my phone, oh I also make to do lists to help me daily. That’s me though, I don’t know if you guys do that too. With all of this said I hope the rest of your Sunday is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!



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