Spring break is lit

So right now I made the very last minute fashion to go to chicago for the weekend. Keep in mind this is my first flight and trip away from home. I’m going by myself but as an introvert this is lit. I’m really happy right now, I just have a duffle bag and my purse. As I write this there’s hella people, but it’s an airport so it makes sense. I have literally no clue what I’m going to do. There’s low-key some stuff going on with my card but I know like exactly what’s wrong with it. I just have to call them and be like, “hey I’m in Chicago so stop declining my card lmao.” Because that’s basically what it is. Lmao. Oh btw my hotel is like a haunted one, so there’s that. I don’t know I’ll keep updating this one. Hope your day is great and I will see you guys when I’m in Chicago!


Okay so in Chicago, got a whole day planned. Eating breakfast right now, pancakes at a Melis cafe, then going to see the bean. The card situation got solved when I landed so that’s good. Other than that, so far so good. Update when I can!


So almost went down for a long nap, but now I’m here waiting to order a deep dish pizza. Probably will find a way to the navy pier later on today. I don’t leave until 4pm tomorrow so I have a while. The bean was cool, i just woke up too early to be mesmerized by it😂. Can’t wait to go to navy pier later! Update when I can❤


So omw back to the airport now. I’m like really early, but that’s alright I can relax and wonder around. I really enjoyed my stay, even though I felt like I didn’t do a whole lot. Maybe it was becuase everything was so close together. Other than that it was enjoyable, I saw red sparrow last night. That as really good.l, I’d recommend going to see it. I also realized my student ID worked so that’s a plus. I got some admission tickets for a lot cheaper, so that’s always good. I’m ready to go back home even though I wished would be made it longer. Maybe next year or in the summer. Until next time!❤



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