Travel and work

So as you all know, school is my job and I am blessed enough to say that. With my recent traveling I have decided to talk about what I do to manage my school work. This is what works for me, what works for me may not work for someone else. If this helps amazing sauce.

So first I get what assignments are due right away or something I can plan out. For me right now that’s my English class. I have discussions I can start on the plane. I have an essay due next week sunday and more discussions. Sounds like a lot right? It kind of is, not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of online discussions.

Okay so know you have what you want to work on right? Right okay cool. So now get working, it’s honestly that simple. The good part about this is if your on a flight or just in your dorm. This plan is useful, I usually work this way if I’m not having a mental breakdown every three days. 

I’m not saying I travel a lot and all the time but when I do this is what works for me. I hope this helped you guys in anyway. As always I hope the rest of your week is fantastic and I will see you guys next week!



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