Okay not going to lie this trip was inspired by my favorite Youtuber, model, and woman Eva Gutowski. If you don’t know who she is…link is down below.

So I keep watching this vlog of hers where she goes to Hawaii. The vlog on her collaboration with ColourPop. And I went on this not journey but spontaneous trip with that in the back of my mind. I got an Airbnb near the capital and called it a day. The one thing I was freaking out about this was, one, do they have Lyft there? (yes). Two, do I have the address right on this airbnb?(yes I did). Keep in mind I had no clue what I was going to do or where I was going to go, I’ve only been to Hawaii once before when I was about 7 or something.

So jump to where I was actually staying, the place I stayed at was super nice. I got the whole complex to myself, the people who were watching over the places were nice as well. And while I was there I just felt at home. The weather was phenomenal the entire trip. A lot of people thought I was local, which personally made me feel at home. So when I told people I was from the mainland, they were a little shocked. Everyone kept saying that I had that Aloha spirit which I can understand. Taking in what Hawaii’s indigenous people went through it was the same from a lot of other peoples on the mainland during and still today while colonization was happening.

So taking that into account I felt more at peace there. I walked around a lot my first actual day there. And one thing I like to do when I travel is not act like a tourist. I like to live like a local so to speak, I realized that a lot less people talk to you unless you want to talk to people, which is something I enjoy. As I mentioned earlier I took Lyfts everywhere around the island. It was cheaper than back home so I was living. I had conversations with most of them about what it’s like living here on this island. One person who I remember asking what it’s like replied with,”it nice and all, you can’t beat the weather. But the one thing is after a while you have no sense of time anymore…”

He then went on to explain how since the weather is so nice all the time you can’t really tell. Where on the mainland seasons change so you have a warning or literal sign of what month and day it is, you don’t get that there.

That was just one out of three conversations but I think I will save those for another time when I think they’re relevant. As for now I would love to hear where you guys have and where you want to go. Like always I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys next time!



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