Six degrees of separation, book review 

This was recommended to me by a friend of mine. We talked about art and books for what seemed like hours when it was like two. So long story short, I found the book, I read it and here we are. It was a screenplay (actually has a movie adaption btw with Will Smith)

It was honestly confusing but the message is something that I knew since forever. But I’ll leave that toward the end. This is historical fiction by the way, it takes place in the nineteen twenties or around that time. So it started off with this couple talking about an art piece that they were going to sell in this artsy black market. Then out of no where we see this guy come in the door all chill but the thing is he just got in a fight. So he’s all bloody and gross, his shirts ruined and the couple is shook. From there it only got more crazy, this guy said he knew their kids from school and he needed a place to stay. So they let him stay, but in the end he had to leave.

Okay so that was the non spoiler section and I know it’s confusing, you may already think it’s lame, but please bear with me. No joke I thought this was going to be lame (sorry friend but it’s true) and it was at some parts. So I’ll talk about those first because might as well get through the boring part done and over with.

The boring part were where the parents were talking about their past, like with the kids and all of that. Keep in mind we still know very little about the this guy.

That part right there was the only thing that kept me invested in all honesty. I wanted to know this guy, who was he that it came to this? Why was he doing this to them? Was there a motive? All of these questions can be answered if you read this short screenplay. As always thank you so much I hope the rest of your day it great and I will see you guys next time!



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