Keeping Busy (update)

So  I think I need to update this and say yes I am keeping busy, still working on it but I do have a good schedule down now. It honestly helped that I was at home for a week after my trip to Seattle (I will do a post on that later, promise but the vlog is up on my channel also.)

It helped that my parents are for the most part busy people because they are always working on something. So being with them just reminded me that I can get a lot done in the 14 hours I am awake. I mean we’re not doing the same things but I do apply this to how it works out for me. Since school has started I have a list of things I usually get done (normally cleaning because I REALLY need to work on it, SORRY ROOMMATES I’M TRYING I PROMISE!) Its pretty simple other than getting my outfits documented for Instagram (am more active on there anyway link on front page *shameless self promo check*)

Back to the point, so long story short staying with my parents for a week made me realize that I can get a lot done in the day without burning myself out. They made me remember to take things in pieces and not in huge chunks that I can’t handle. I know this may sound very lame but having a planner actually helps. I have cute stickers I use to mark good and bad days (they’re cute clouds and suns a friend gave them to me last week) I think this is a good place to end this before I go on about something that isn’t this topic(*nervous laughter*)

ANYWAYS, I hope the rest of your day and week are great, I will see you guys next time!



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