Burning out

So recently I’ve been busy with keeping up my social media life and sewing new outfits. I’ve honestly surprised myself with how I haven’t just collapsed from  exhaustion, but I’ve also realized a few things. So here is a very short list of things that I do to help me not burn out.

  1. Plan out ahead of time
    • I know this has been over said in a lot of planning blogs but this seriously helps me out. It makes me think ahead, help me look forward to things like a photo session with friends or even a writing day alone at a cafe.
  2. If you can get ahead, DO IT
    •  As motherly as that sounds, it honestly helps. The more you get done the less you have to do in the future. Simple as it might seem, you’ll be less stressed in the days to come.
  3. Have a day to do just one or two things
    • Whether it’s reading for a class, writing, cleaning, sewing, taking photos, or doing a homework. I try to do this every three days so normally on Wednesdays.  It helps me focus on the task at hand and grounds me in the moment.  Those are usually my relaxation days as well.
  4. Treat your work like a job.
    • This helps me with school the most, my parents would tell me this anytime we went out to lunch. 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, but since I have evening classes I do my homework in the mornings then go to class. If I have everything else done then I work on my blog or Instagram feed.
  5. Recharge throughout the day
    • Have chunks in your day where you can just recharge. For me I always have the current manga that I’m reading. (Hiromiya volume 3) Also my sketchbook if I feel like writing or doodling. If you like to be alone get out your headphones and listen to music or if you need to be with people find a friend, tweet something.

This is just a short list but I hope this helped you guys. As always I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys next time!



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