Cute Manga I read this summer

I’m going to be honest, reading books has gotten a little boring for me recently. I do however have quite a few on my other bookshelf that have to be read at some point but not now. So reading manga has helped give my brain a well needed break since the most recent article I read was about lightbulbs.

There was 2 series that I caught up on which I highly recommend if you’re anything like me and enjoy slice of life romantic plots. This first one was recently made into a series on Netflix so you can also find it there if you want to watch instead of read.

Komi can’t communicate is basically about this high school girl with a communication problem. I try to get my hands on these books whenever I go to the bookstore. I read the latest two but I am tempted to reread it. I do not want to risk that though as I have other books to read. It is super cute and relatable, if you want a new series I highly recommend this one!

The next one is Wotakoi: love is hard for otaku, and sadly it was the last one. Considering I had to wait about a year in between for the hard copy and devastated that they only did one season on amazon prime, I got attached. I got super attached to the characters, their little lives together, the relationships. I could go deeper into everything I thought about this series, just let me know. So with it being the last one, I read this super slow or I tried to. In reality I finished this under a half hour then was on the verge of tears for a little bit.

So needless to say I recommend this one and these next ones which were new to me.

This one was Takane and Hana, the premise was Hanas older sister backed out of seeing Takane for an arranged marriage meeting so their dad brought in Hana to go as Hanas older sister. There is an age gap with this so if you’re uncomfortable with that then I do not recommend this. I liked it for being the first one in the series and I am looking forward to keeping up with this one.

The last one I recommend is a light novel, the second book just got released last month. A Happy Marriage follows Miyo a young woman who goes to live with Kiyoka, a military general. This is a supernatural romance and I was drawn to it by the cover art which is absolutely beautiful.

These are all the books I recommend and just an update I started graduate school this month; so I’m trying to get everything situated with that and my school work but I’ll be making a separate post about that when I find the time. Let know if you’ve read any of these!



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