Ranking of kings S1 :Review

I just recently finished watching the anime ranking of kings. Here are my thoughts and opinion after finishing the series

I want it to have a season two was the immediate thought I had as the credits rolled. First off I initially thought it was going to be scary as it is a fantasy anime. The animation and artwork of it was so adorable, I wish it had a little more traction here in the west so I could find a cute keychain or something of Boji.

A brief synopsis of this is our main character Boji is deaf and is next in line to be king. He goes on a journey of self discovery while things at the kingdom go array. That’s enough without mentioning spoilers or important characters that get introduced later. If what I just said intrigues you at all it can be found on funamation.com

I watched this on and off during the summer and finally finished. I was sad this was coming to and end so I slowly started to watch it again before bed. The way Boji as a character started and how he ended were two completely different people so the story telling with him alone is worth a watch. Same goes with the other characters throughout and with that the writers get major kudos from me. I love it when characters change completely or have found themselves for the better in the end, I’m a sucker for those types of stories.

I’m hoping this gets some type of spin off of some kind.

As I’m finishing this there is officially a season two on funimation!



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