Red Soup Recipe

Whether you’re sick or a whole bunch of people are sick, this soup is sure to help. Recently I’ve been feeling under the weather and a lil bit sad lately.

Anyways enough about my emotions heres what you’ll need for this soup:

  • 80%fat/20%lean 1/2 pound tube of hamburger(or whatever source of protein you like)[I’d also get more if you’re cooking for more than 5 people but just guesstamate how much you’d need]
  • Macaroni noodles
  • Two cans of both dark and light red kidney beans(can be used for protein)
  • Two cans of tomato sauce
  • Two cans of petite diced tomatoes or just diced tomatoes(this is just up to you)
  • Two cans of Rotel hot salsa mix.
  • Water
  • Beef bullion cubes
  • Whorechester sauce(optional I usually dont use this)
  • Cheyenne pepper,
  • Black pepper
  • Any sort of hot spice you enjoy

Now that thats outta the way, here’s what you have to do(its pretty easy.)

  1. Put 6 cups of water in a pot and heat on medium
  2. Then put 6 beef bullion cubes in the water
  3. Add the tomato sauce and rest of tomato ingredients
  4. Mix a lil bit
  5. Cook hamburger with said spices you chose while thats heating up(I usually add cheyenne pepper and salt)
  6. Drain then add both canned beans to the pot of soup
  7. Once its to a boil put it to a simmer and leave for 30-40 minutes (this is if youre in a hurry if not put on the lowest heat possible and leave up to an hour.
  8. OR another option make it a thick soupy consistency is adding mashed potato flakes
  9. Check up on it once in a while and add water as needed to avoid the goulash consistency
  10. Then for the last 12-10 minutes put in at least a cup of macaroni noodles (for bigger batches I use a cup and a half)

On days when I need the spices I’ll add a bunch of Cheyenne pepper and black pepper. You can either put this in the actual soup or in the bowl you have. Then let it cool down a lil bit and there you have it red soup. My older brother would usually pile in saltine crackers to make it more like a goulash, so by all means do that too! Add goldfish crackers for kids to make it more fun to eat. As always I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys next time!

Things I fell in love with this summer

1)Bomber jackets

Even though they are more fall season, I love bomber jackets. I didn’t get any until the end of last month (they were vintage). They make any outfit seem more laid back or edgy.  They’re really comfy to wear with just a simple dress, or the classic jeans and tshirt. I know they will really come in handy when winter rolls around because of the thick material.

2)Early mornings

This has been due to both early morning classes and lack of sleep some mornings causing me to stay up till the sunrise. But no all seriously, I think its cool being up before anyone else and having time to yourself. I usually make a cup of tea, do a face mask, pick out my outfit if didn’t the night before, then do my hair. If I don’t have anything going on that day I like to plan an activity to do that day whether it’s going out for lunch or checking out a new boutique downtown.

3)Face masks

As I mentioned above I like to them in the at least twice a day. I use the sand and sky clay mask once a month(or when my skin is really bad like now). I also use some products from lush but if I just want to sit in absolute silence and think about something then I’ll do sheets masks.

As always I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys next time!

The Defiant By Lesley Livingston(2/2)

The Valiant

The Defiant

So if you haven’t read the first one………………….what are you doing here? I have the links above so…you should get them, they’re good, go and read the first one.  Then when you’re done with that please go read my book review (I mean I know it’s cringe but it would mean a lot to me.) BUT IF YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK AND ARE STILL HERE WITH ME… thank you. Okay so we left off on characters but for the people who haven’t read this I’ll go into the little catchup.

Fallon won the competition or whatever ya know, so NOW everything is alright in the world……and for any of us who know, just no, no. So remember that one scene where that evil character that Fallon beat in book one and there was that scene where our girl was alone in the catacombs? Yeah that scene comes back to haunt her and take everything from our girl.

Okay so no that we got all of this I just wanted to say something about THE AMAZONS (Oh my these ladies were my everything like yes) I loved them for basically the same reasons I love our girls Fallon and Elka. Elka! Oh she was my everything in this book, she didn’t shine that much in the first book but she sure did in this one! She was humorous and we got to know her more as a person, I was living for this spotlight on her. But let’s get back to the Amazons. They were hardcore with that almost death ceremony for Sorcha. And then the whole shield thing going on which was freaking cool, and they all learned it on a boat too. Then after that wasn’t a thing they all still had to go back to fight the other people who stole their Colosseum. I was dying of laughter when the general was all like ,”oh yeah I’ll stay in place of them and if one of them die, you can just kill me no biggie.” Like dude (laughing) you could die, but then I was I like this old man still has a sliver of game (what is this?). So while I was dying at that I just imagine the Amazons just looking at each other and shrugging. (Imagine those dead pan anime characters who just have no emotions, that’s how I imagined the scene go down)

The relationship between Cai and Fallon was there but at this point I wasn’t living that much. It reminded me of Four and Tris in divergent, they were stuck, trying to make it work but they just made each other mad. SO with all of that in mind, I was more focused on getting Sorcha and the Colosseum back like everyone else.  For a while I thought Fallon was going to just go on her own and kill everyone but she didn’t.

As I stated before this book is amazing! I reccommend it to anyone if they love gladiators or just cool new YA fiction to read. So like always I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys next time!


The joy of reading

Recently I’ve been reading a lot and I realized that I missed it. I started reading Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi and so far I am really enjoying it. As this is going out I don’t know how far I am but I may already be finished with it. While i was reading not matter where it was I remembered the joy of reading. How when you read that really good book that you forgot time was a thing. Or when you got in a really comfortable position in a public place but you don’t care about that. On Wednesday I was at the mall because finals is upon my campus and I needed to get away. So I went into Barnes and Noble right? Got this really large amount of tea and I sat down to read. For however long I was there I enjoyed it. I forgot how much you can relate to characters and picture them as friends. (If If you do that too we are automatically friends.)

I could go on and on about this but I have other papers to write and procrastinate. Leave a comment about your favorite book or character and why, I love hearing these so much. Mine currently is the main character of Emergency Contact, her name is Penny. I love how she’s so sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor. She’s awkward beyond belief and is a college freshman like myself. Anyways I hope your day or week was amazing and I will see you guys next Sunday!